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Marshall’s Italian Job

By 16th February 2018News

Last weekend saw Richard travel to Rome and work with the current European Challenge Section Champions, Italian Brass Band.

During the weekend Richard presented a masterclass as well as an in depth sectional with the bands cornet section.

Commenting on the trip Richard said “ What a friendly bunch of musicians. They are so keen to soak up any advice regarding brass bands and how to develop as a section”.

Vice-President Giovanni Celestino and conductor Filippo Cangiamila commented, “The goal of this masterclass was understanding what is the best way to approach the cornet.

After this weekend we can certainly say that there was a great improvement. The training experience for the cornet section of the Italian Brass Band with Richard Marshall has been illuminating from all points of view.  His thirty years of experience, his great competence and his musicality have greatly increased the knowledge about the ‘British Cornet Sound’ of the band. I hope we can take with us this ‘treasure’ for a long time!

Richard is not only a magnificent artist and a very serious teacher, but mostly a true FRIEND, a very kind person”.

To finish Richard performed as guest soloist with the band. And in his usual style left them amazed with flawless performances.

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