RM1 Signature Mouthpiece Silver W/Gold Rim


The RM1 is the largest bore mouthpiece in the cornet range and is Richard Marshall’s chosen mouthpiece. It provides comfort , ease and projection throughout the range as well as keeping a warm, centred and full bodied tone. 

The next mouthpiece in the RM signature range is the RM2, which retains the same features, but is not as deep as the RM1. The sound that this mouthpiece produces does not break throughout the register and it still keeps a warm and centred tone.

Perhaps the most common mouthpiece is the RM3, which in bore size is the shallowest of the three models.  Following on from the other mouthpieces, your sound will remain full and warm, but this mouthpiece allows you easier access to the higher notes.

RM1: 17mm, deep cup

RM2: 16.75mm, deep cup

RM3: 16.50mm, deep cup

Each RM Signature Mouthpiece is also available in ‘A’ cup versions with slightly shallower cups and modified back bores to assist with the higher registers.

All mouthpieces are available in Silver Plate, Silver Plate with Gold Rim and Full Gold Plate.  Each mouthpiece is accompanied with its own leather mouthpiece pouch.

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